For Domains Purchased from Lycos Domains

Domains are assigned to Lycos Publish sites in Lycos Domains Control Panel.  It's easy and just click the tab for "websites" and then select "Lycos Publish" from the drop down menu.  Three clicks will get it done!        


               1. Select the Websites Tab

    2. From the drop down select Lycos Publish

3. Select the Lycos Publish site you wish to map the domain to then click save.  That's it, you've done all you need to do. The domain mapping should be active within approximately an hour (hint: our DNS is updated hourly, at about 5 minutes after to hour). 

4. When you return to your site, you'll see that we've actually created a "cname" for your site pointing it to Lycos Publish

Domains Purchased from other Domains Registrars

If you manage your domain name at another provider, you can use it with your Lycos Publish site as well.  Simply create a cname entry with a destination set to "".  Then in your Lycos Publish console go to tools->domain mapping and add your domain name.   


Here we are creating a cname for the www subdomain of on  that will point it to Lycos Publish.

From there, you need to file a support ticket asking us to map your domain to your Lycos Publish site.  We will need the domain name., and your Lycos Publish site name. You can file that ticket here.