Please login to your Lycos Mail account and follow these steps:

1. Click on My Account. Your Lycos Account Information displays in a separate window.


2. Click on Change Your Billing Info Here. Your Lycos Mail Plan information displays.


3. In the Payments section, click on the Pay Transactions button at the bottom of the page. 


4. Click on the Year drop-down to select the year you wish to view.  

5. Click the Refresh button. 


6. Click on the column headings order (Date, Transaction ID, Property, Plan, Payment Method, and Cost) to sort in ascending or descending order.


7. Click on the Receipt link to view detailed information for that specific transaction. Some transactions may be for multiple Lycos Services as noted in the Property column.


 8. If desired, you can print this page for your records. Use your computer's print screen functionality.